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Chose the Men's Fraternity curriculum option you are studying:


The Quest for Authentic Manhood


Winning at Work and Home


The Great Adventure


We are happy to offer transcripts of the Men's Fraternity curriculum to those who have purchased the curriculum and are working to master the material to present it to their men's group.


Please contact us at or 1.800.446.7228 for transcripts.


It is very important to the success of your Men's Fraternity series to have each session executed well with quality being the key. One easy way you can start a session of right is to have upbeat, clean, energizing, mostly secular music playing in the background as the men arrive. 


(Please know that due to copyright laws, we are not allowed to give out DVDs or videos with the actual movie clips listed below. We can only offer suggestions that other Men's Fraternities across the country and around the world are using to introduce their sessions.


It should be noted that while it is a bonus to find and show movie clips that relate well to the session's topic and drive home it's points, it isn't always necessary. Movie clips are simply good, upbeat starters that signal the beginning of the session, wake up the crowd, and provide an easy transition for the host. Over the years, we have found it is best to find a clip that relates to men and speaks to the way they are feeling-this usually includes something with a lot of humor! (You can't go wrong if you get the men at ease and laughing first thing.)

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