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Launching a Small Group


Although most Men's Fraternity presentations are done in a large group setting followed by a small group discussion time, it is also being successfully used in a small group setting meeting in a home, a boardroom, etc.


  • Get the Big Picture

View the two-part Men's Fraternity workshop DVD. This workshop DVD is included with the purchase of the DVD set, but it is also available for purchase as a separate product for those who are using the CD pack.  This workshop will help you understand the philosophy and format of Men's Fraternity.

  • Choose the Best Format and Location

Men's Fraternity is being used effectively in small group settings with both Audio CD and DVD formats. Men's Fraternity groups are meeting in homes, offices, restaurants, boardrooms, break rooms, and all kinds of settings. Select a location that is convenient for your group.

  • Begin with the End in Mind

As the leader of a small group of men going through this material, you should watch or listen to all sessions before attempting to share the first session.   You will be much more successful in leading your group out of the starting block if you already know how it feels to cross the finish line.

  • Timing is Critical

Be wise when you choose to begin the series. The most successful groups have followed a two-semester pattern, starting the first half of the series in early fall and ending before Christmas, and then starting the second half after the first of the year. By far the most consistently attended meeting time is on a weekday from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. Timing is so important you may also want to read Timing is Everything.

  • Remember, it's a Guy Thing

Create a testosterone-friendly atmosphere for your meeting.  We have found that even men who do not have a church background are attracted to the content of Men's Fraternity. If your small group has an environment that feels more like a manhood study than a Bible study, it can really be an effective outreach tool.

  • Small Groups are Big Opportunities for Processing

Make sure you allow adequate time in your schedule for discussion at the end of the presentation. Over the years we have found it extremely important for men to process with other men the truths they learn in Men's Fraternity. It is during the small group discussions that men get the encouragement and reinforcement they need to make lasting life changes.

  • Encourage Men to Keep Up

In a small group setting, attendance is extremely important. If anyone cannot attend a session, point them to the individual downloads to purchase the missed session.  They can also borrow the DVD or CD-just make sure they are able to stay current. 

  • Keep Men Involved

Make sure every man attending your small group has his own Men's Fraternity workbook to help him apply truths from each weekly presentation. The workbooks also allow the men to easily review and reflect on the material from each presentation later during their week. Having the men purchase their own workbooks will help them value their experience in Men's Fraternity even more.

  • Promote the Project

Become familiar with the special project contained in each of the studies. Encourage the men throughout the year to be working on the project. Most men who have completed Men's Fraternity state that these simple projects were the single most helpful part of their Men's Fraternity experience.  A master and examples are included in the Leader's Guide.

  • Mark the Moment

We advise you to mark the last week of the study with a special celebration or ceremony in lieu of your small group time. For example, end the session with a charge to the men and have those who completed the study's project come to the podium to pick up a token commemorating their graduation.


At Fellowship Bible Church, we give the men who have turned in their Manhood Plan a medallion for their key ring (available for purchase HERE) that contains the definition of manhood to signify their completion of the Quest for Authentic Manhood.


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