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Men's Fraternity Classic is the original video series authored by

Dr. Robert Lewis that helped launch the Authentic Manhood movement.

The series consists of three volumes:


  • The Quest for Authentic Manhood (24 sessions)

  • Winning at Work and Home (16 sessions)

  • The Great Adventure (20 sessions)


More than just a rally or a Bible study, Men's Fraternity provides men with an encouraging process that teaches them how to live lives of authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ and directed by the Word of God.


Men's Fraternity was designed to help men come together and strengthen each other through weekly sessions that combine biblical teaching and small group interaction.


These time-tested resources have been used all over the world to equip men to make their pursuit of noble manhood a lifelong priority. Church leaders and lay members are using the series to energize the men of their church and to connect with men in the community. Many individual men have also used the series in their own personal pursuit of authentic manhood.




The Vision

The original goal of the Men's Fraternity Classic series was to provide timeless truths and practical insights to help men become the men God intended them to be. It is now, along with 33 The Series, part of the curriculum base that supports the Authentic Manhood movement.


Authentic Manhood is a bold movement that leads men to live a life of truth, passion and purpose.



The Quest for Authentic Manhood
Winning at Work and Home
The Great Adventure

Authentic Manhood               12115 Hinson Road, Ste. 200,  Little Rock, AR 72212               800.446.7228

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